Everything about Dazzle Apple

The mouth-watering apple variety to Dazzle your taste buds

Dazzle apples are sweet, crisp ready to eat apples that are amazingly delicious. They have a full, juicy flavor, sparkling, firm white sweet and tangy flesh that lend magic to every bite. They have become the most popular apple variety in New Zealand since the worldwide domination of New Zealand Royal Gala Apple. Moreover, Dazzle’s sweet flavour with minimal background acidity makes it unique in the competitive space of sweet apples. Couple this with its very crisp, almost watermelon-like crunch and you have a winning apple combination for Asia. That’s the reason why Dazzle apples were primarily targeted at Asia, even if they have been winning apple lovers alike in Europe and North America.

Bostock New Zealand, the exclusive grower of Organic Dazzles

Grown organically in New Zealand, Dazzle apples are a large red apple grown in several orchards. The story began in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, where a group of apple growers (Mr Apple, Bostock New Zealand and Freshmax) banded together, dedicated to sharing this delicious new apple variety with the world. The apples were developed by Plant and Food Research after 20 years of painstaking research at their research station in Havelock North, New Zealand, where Dazzle has been bred conventionally, through cross breeding between ‘Sweetie’ and ‘Scired’ by plant breeders in 1997. Later on, Bostock New Zealand became the largest organic apple producer in the Southern Hemisphere and is 100% owned by John Bostock, the pioneer of commercial organic apple growers in New Zealand. For over 20 years, Bostock New Zealand has been growing organic, nutritious Dazzle Apples and has a proud history of sustainable growing practices.

Fresh picked perfection

The secret behind the delicate sweetness, crunchiness and the snow-white flesh of Dazzle apples are all in the growing. The organic orchards are located in the beautiful, fertile plains of Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand – one of the purest, growing environments in the world. The clean air quality, fresh artesian groundwater (to irrigate the apple trees), and most importantly the rich, fertile soil of the Heretaunga Plains in Hawke’s Bay were the ideal reason to yield perfectly nutritious, flavorful apples that give magic in every bite.

Grown in organic orchards

Bostock New Zealand’s Organic Dazzle Apples are free from synthetic pesticides and nasty chemicals that makes them 100% safe and healthy to eat straight from the tree. The unique delicious taste of Dazzle apples is truly from nature- the abundant sunlight, healthy soil and water.

A Dazzling addition to diet

Dazzle apples are rich in vitamin c and high in fibre to support a healthy immune system. They make a nutritiously pure addition to any balanced diet. Best of all, Dazzle apples stay fresher for longer, meaning your apples will keep their fresh-picked perfection long after you are ready to eat them.

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