Certified Organic Handcrafted Noodles Series

Orange, yellow, pink, green, off white, even black.
You can now name your colours and eat it.

Combining great energy from ZENXIN’s organic fresh vegetables and more than 50 years of artisan noodle making expertise, Simply Natural’s Handcrafted Organic Noodle is chemical fertilizer and pesticide free.

Proudly handcrafted and handmade individually using premium Australian organic flour and organic fresh produce, these easy to cook handmade noodles are big on nutrition, containing 20% organic fresh vegetable puree, or the highest amount of certified organic vegetable goodness you can find in noodles on the market.

To date, Simply Natural Handcrafted Organic Noodle series has amassed 13 inspiring flavours counting in organic pumpkin, carrot, turmeric, beetroot, spinach, mulberry, quinoa, sweet potato, charcoal amongst others. The Rainbow selection is a joy to have and packs in all the colours so you can literally have your rainbow and eat it.



  • Made using 20% organic fresh vegetable puree
  • 100% chemical fertilizers and pesticides free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • We use organically grown and certified organic produce only
  • Made from premium quality Australian Flour
  • Easy and quick to cook: takes just 5 mins