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Prosperity Gift Pack

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What’s inside?

🌸 Organic Handmade Rainbow Mee Sua 200g
🌸 Organic Handmade Turmeric Noodle (Mickey-shaped) 50g
🌸 Organic Handmade Beetroot Noodle (Mickey-shaped) 50g
🌸 Organic Green Tea 32g
🌸 Fresh Raw Honey 220g
🌸 Organic Millet Granola 160g
🌸 Organic Queen O-Wa 85g
🌸 Mickey Auspicious Couplet x 1pcs & Mickey Auspicious Ang Pow (5 pcs) x 1 se

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zenxin Rainbow yu sheng ingredients kit

🌸 Serving size: 6-8 persons
🌸100% Handmade
🌸 Noodles and Bo Cui made with fresh organic vegetables puree without added colourings
🌸 Fresh organic vegetables made pickles:
Fresh and specially selected organic carrot and ginger imported from Australia and Peru, delicately made into pickles with organic apple cider vinegar
🌸 Suitable for vegan and vegetarian
🌸 No artificial additives, all natural colours
🌸 Exquisite CNY Greeting Card

Organic Handmade
Longevity Noodles

🌸Certified Organic by NASAA & ISO 22k
🌸 The 70-inch ZENXIN Organic Longevity Noodle is made with a 50-year-old noodle making technique using high quality Australian Wheat Flour and Organic Lakadong Turmeric Powder.
🌸 The Lakadong Turmeric Powder is the finest turmeric variety from Darjeeling, India with the highest curcumin content.
🌸 Each noodle piece is hand shaped into the Chinese characters “春福” & “豐”

Organic Premium
Soy Sauce

🌸 Certified organic by NASAA and packed in ISO 22k certified facility.
🌸Slow fermentation process for a period of 12 months using 140 years old traditional technique.
🌸 Premium grading according to China and Japan national standards for soy sauce.
🌸 Purely brewed with 4 high quality ingredients only: non-GMO soybeans and wheat organically grown in Dongbei, filtered water and salt
🌸 10-50% less sodium than other soy sauce in the market


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Subscription Boxes
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Homemade Noodle

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☃️Organic Tea
☃️Organic Dried Fruits
☃️Organic Healthy Snack
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Subscription Box

Subscription Boxes
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HOMEmade noodle

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Organic Fresh PRoduce

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Organic Box

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What Our Customers Say

The food they provided were of great quality and fresh on arrival. Many of our colleagues and friends have enjoyed preparing them in our meals for our families! I would definitely recommend ZENXIN Organic Food Singapore to everyone!

Irene Lee / Facebook

Happy to receive this box of healthy fruits & veggie on Thur! 😊 Thanks ZENXIN Organic Food Singapore for delivering out the orders!

Julie Teo / Facebook

If you prefer organic food and you are discouraged by finding only five or six items to choose from at the local market, take heart. ZENXIN Organic store is your top rate organic super-center in Singapore. You will be pleasantly surprised by their wide selection of organic and healthy foods and the helpful and friendly staff. I just received my first western organic box yesterday. It was delivered on time and contained all the items I’m used to cooking. I truly feel at home in Singapore now, having discovered this new wonder! By all means, visit this store!

Jacqui Bishop Harmeling / Facebook

A Letter From

Tai Seng Yee – ZENXIN Organic Food Team LeaderWhether you are visiting us for the first time or have been loyally following us, I hope you find great joy and pleasure, browsing our selection of organic offerings curated specially for you.

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ZENXIN prides itself on being a specialist purveyor of organic food of exceptional quality, and this is largely due to the strong relationships we have forged with food producers the world over all these years.At present, we have the largest variety of organic food offerings—-200 types of fresh produce from ZENXIN and 400 types of organic dried food from our sister brand Simply Natural—-all of which are essentials for daily life.For us, it is not enough to find a selection that is Certified Organic, more than that, we want (you) to know the farmer who is growing your organic vegetables. In fact, we work closely with many small growers who devote their lives farming based on the micro climate in their organic plots of land.Unknown to many, above and beyond sourcing for unique organic ingredients, ZENXIN, is first and foremost an organic farmer.In our organic farming practices, we strive to uphold The 4 Principles of Organic Agriculture outlined by The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements.And due to this relationship we have established with Mother Earth, we are deeply aware and concerned about challenges faced in organic farming. This knowledge in turn, drives us to innovate, to be ever earth loving and to go all out to convert more farms into organic ones.We are extremely proud to share that all of ZENXIN’s organic farms, fertilizer plants and warehouses are Certified Organic to International Organic Standards by NASAA, Australia. Besides, we have also achieved ISO22000, an international standard designed to ensure food supply chain safety worldwide.And all the above has been realised because at ZENXIN, we are motivated by the natural healing capabilities of organic ingredients, and our vision and work has been to offer you with a selection so wonderful, you derive pure joy, selecting, preparing, cooking and eating food you love, for yourself and your loved ones.Wishing you best of health,Tai Seng Yee