Organic Delivery info & guide

This page contains information on: | 1 | Online Buying | 2 | Payments: PayPal  | 3 | Receiving Your Delivery | 4 | Additional Perks.


Step One:

Choose Your Products

a. Home Delivery

Choose organic products you like and get it delivered to your doorstep! Simply add the items to your shopping cart.

Delivery Fee 

  • Minimum order is S$100 for FREE delivery
  • Minimum order is S$50, with $10 delivery fee
  • Orders under $50 will be charged $20.
  • Single order for delivery to multiple address still incurs $8 per delivery address
  • The delivery fee stated in your invoice is non-refundable & non-waivable. Refunds are available only if items ordered are out of stock.

b. Organic Boxes

Organic boxes comes lowest at only @$38, and lets you sample our certified organic fresh fruit & vegetables. Add a box of preference to cart, and enjoy the perks:


  • You may add additional products into your organic box order without any surcharges.

For subscription over 1 month, additional delivery charges will be billed with your first invoice.

Recurring subscribers?  Please visit us again next month to renew your subscription. Whatsapp us for a $8OFF promo code

Step Two:

View Cart

At “View Cart” page, you can:

  • Confirm your order items
  • Confirm the number of each items
  • Update number of each items
  • Apply coupon code!

Step Three:

Check Out

At “Check Out” page:

Fill in your details, process your payments, and your order will arrive usually within 7 days after confirmation.

It’s as simple as that! One, Two, Three!

|2| payments: paypal

How PayPal Works?

  1. Simply fill in your credit/debit card information.
  2. PayPal will hold the transaction directly
  3. We will confirm the order and process the transaction.
  4. Refunds are available only where items purchased are out of stock.

|3| Receiving your delivery

You will be called to confirm delivery of your order on the day of delivery. Please wait for confirmation of your order. Once confirmed, it will arrive at your doorstep within 60 hours.

Delivery days: Monday – Friday
*Orders received on Saturday will be delivered the following week

Delivery time: usually 12pm – 6pm
*affected by traffic, weather and distance

Working hours: 8:00am – 6:00pm, 7 days a week
*except on Chinese New Year

CNY 2019 Operation timing: CNY closure notice

|4| Additional Perks

We also offer 10% member discount for those who make a trip to our retail shop in the Wholesale Centre Pasir Panjang and spend over $50.00 in one receipt. Member discount is only awarded to shop customers who carry their goods away with them.

Best regards,
Ceri & Organic Delivery Team