ZENXIN’s Apple Programme

At ZENXIN, we are more than serious about our apples. Over the years, we have been working with apple growers all over the world to bring in the best apples at different times of the year to delight our customers.

Presenting to you ZENXIN’s very own apple programme..

Top 3 most popular apples in ZENXIN

🍎 Dazzle Apples from New Zealand   (Best Season – March to August)

Dazzle apples are simply to dazzle your taste buds. They are sweet, crisp, and ready to eat apples that’s amazingly delicious. They have full, juicy flavor, and sparkling, firm white with sweet and tangy flesh that lend magic in every bite. Grown organically in New Zealand, dazzle apples are a large red apple being grown by several orchards. The story begins in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, where a group of apple growers banded together, dedicated to sharing these delicious new apple variety with the world. Nurtured in optimal conditions in the orchards, Dazzle apples are the natural result of abundant sunshine, fresh air and healthy soil. Learn more about Dazzle apple here https://zenxin.com.my/article/everything-about-dazzle-apple/

🍎 Fuji Apples from USA/New Zealand  (Best Season – April to August) 

Crispy with refreshingly sweet taste, Fuji apples are one of life’s simple pleasures. Originally developed in Japan in the late 1930s, Fuji apples were named after the famous Mt. Fuji. A cross between Virginia Ralls Janet and Red Delicious, the Fuji apples are bi-colored; typically striped with yellow and red hue with creamy juicy flesh. They have a sweet flavor, that works great in any dishes that need a little extra sweet without overpowering the other ingredients. They are best for snacking, but also great for salads, baking, sauces, and even freezing for later.  

🍎 Premier Star Apples from New Zealand (Best Season – March to July)

Premier Star (PVR) Apples were first discovered in 1999 on a home orchard in Nelson, known for New Zealand’s premier apple growing regions. They’re indeed a delicious apple that impresses with every bite and catches the eye with their stand out blush. Owned and exported exclusively by BOSTOCK New Zealand, premier star apples are an excellent and superior early season pip fruit choice over the traditional Royal Gala variety. They have sweet flavor with a hint of tanginess that also works great in many dishes.

More variety apples in zenxin

🍎 Koru Apples (Best Season- March to August)

  • A cross between Braeburn and Fuji varieties
  • Have an orange-red skin
  • Crisp, juicy, sweet flesh with notes of honey
  • Great for snacking, baking, in salads or beverages

🍎 Rosalynn Apples  (Best Season – September to February)

  • Discovered in an orchard in Royal City, Washington in 1998
  • Have a deep red color
  • Have balance sweet-tart taste with hint of cherry notes
  • Delicious choice for fruit salads, green salads, and cheese plates

🍎 Pacific Rose Apples (Best Season – Late May to October)

  •  A natural cross between Gala and Splendour varieties
  •  Have refreshing, crisp and sweet flavour
  •  Have distinctive rosy-red blush
  • Perfect as snacking, but can also be used in salads, sandwiches, and sauces due to their delicate sweetness

🍎 Juliet Apples (Best Season – September to February)

  • Originally developed in France
  • Uniquely sweet and juicy
  • Great for snacking and perfect for juicing

🍎 Jazz Apples (Best Season – March to September)

  • Originated in the beautiful orchards of New Zealand
  •  Are a cross between Royal Gala and Braeburn varieties
  • Are sharp and fruity in flavor and dense in texture
  • Ideal snack apples as they are perfectly sized and just right for on the go, at school, around home or in the office
  • Are grown both in the northern and southern hemispheres, so they’re available all year lon

🍎 Royal Gala Apples (Best season – March to July)

  •  A cross between Kidd’s Orange Red and Golden Delicious varieties
  • Originated in New Zealand in the 1920s
  • Features pink-orange stripes atop a pretty yellow background
  • Have a pleasantly mild, sweet taste, and firm crisp texture
  • Pair well with distinctive flavors such as fresh ginger, herbs, wine and cheeses.
  • Relatively small in sizes that make an ideal one for kids

🍎 Ambrosia Apples (Best season – September to November)

  • Were discovered in 1987 as a chance seedling growing on the Mennell family’s orchard in Cawston, British Columbia, Canada
  • Have a buttery yellow color with red patches
  • Are sweet and less acidic with a slight honey taste
  • Perfect for snacks or salads

🍎 Red Prince Apples  (Best season – September to February)

  • Named after its growers, the Prince brothers. They own a nursery in the Netherlands, where the variety was discovered and grafted in 1994
  • Have deep red skin with a crispy fruit flesh
  • Sweet and juicy
  •  Perfect dessert apples

🍎 Granny Smith Apples (Best season – April to July)

  • Originated from Australia in 1868
  • Known for its delicious tart taste
  • Very firm with loads of juice and lemon-like acidity and mild sweetness
  • Has bright white flesh that resists browning once cut
  • An ideal complement to savory foods such as onions and cheese and simply perfect for dips

🍎 Queen Apples (Best season – March to September)

  • Originated from New Zealand
  • A cross between the Gala and Splendor varieties
  • Have an intensely red color skin with small creamy speckles
  • Have faintly sweet with subtle notes of banana and pears
  • Great for snacking, in salads or as juice

🍎 Kiku Apples (Best Season – October to February)

  • Discovered in 1990 by an Italian fruit grower, Luis Braun  who came across a different looking, red-striped apple in an orchard in Japan. He further brought a branch of the tree to his homeland Italy and propagated examples in Italy and eventually created apples known as Kiku by the world today. 
  • Have an attractive stripped ruby-red color 
  • An exotic, super sweet apple with crunchy and juicy flesh 
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