Zenxin's Journey

Mr Tai Kok Kong

Founder of ZENXIN

Mr Tai Seng Yee

Team Leader of Zenxin

It all began with 500 chickens

It all began with 500 chickens Mr Tai Kok Kong, Founder of ZENXIN Organic Food has.

Being the successful agriculturist he is, Mr Tai Kok Kong ventured into the composting business in 1999 when he found himself with a lot more compost than he bargained for. The environmentalist in him did not want to resort to dumping chicken manure and polluting the ground.

At that time, organic farming was few and far in between in Malaysia. Only a handful knew soil science or how compost can greatly improve soil quality. Armed with what little knowledge he had about composting, Mr Tai Kok Kong explored this new field with open mindedness and a keen eye, as he learned of ways to upcycle chicken manure.

Providence has it that on one of his trips to Cameron Highlands, Mr Tai Kok Kong was introduced to practices of organic farming. When he tasted organic produce, it was to his great surprise and indeed——– pure joy as he found that long-lost flavour of cabbage he fondly remembers from his childhood. Intrigued by what he tasted, he bought a full load of organic cabbage, packed them in his car and distributed these to all of his friends in Kluang town. It was on this important day that the seed of ZENXIN took root. And as they say, the rest is history.

Driven by passion, determination and strong people skills, Mr Tai Kok Kong grew ZENXIN to become one of the leading organic food companies in Asia. ZENXIN or 诚兴, in Chinese, denotes sincerity and honesty. Taken together, these qualities lead ZENXIN to prosperity and success.

Simple as this may sound, this is at the backbone of ZENXIN’s business philosophy, steadily guiding ZENXIN ever forwards.


Mr Tai Kok Kong passed the reins of ZENXIN’s organic business to his second son, Mr Tai Seng Yee. As ZENXIN Organic’s Food Team Leader, Mr Tai Seng Yee oversees and manages the entire operations of ZENXIN Organic Food in Singapore, Malaysia and China.

He joined Zenxin Agri-Organic Food in 2006 and has since established significant growth for ZENXIN’s food business, notably by opening up new markets in Asia, venturing into online retail, actively expanding into sourcing of premium organic food produce from the world over, and has created a travel arm for ZENXIN. Important advancements made above culminated in the creation of associate companies such as ZENXIN Agri-Organic Food Singapore, ZENXIN China. ZENXIN Organic Park and ZENXIN Travel.

Established in 2007, ZENXIN Agri-Organic Food Singapore has been crucial in augmenting ZENXIN organic produce in Singapore and propelling ZENXIN Organic Food to be the leading organic fresh produce brand in Singapore, Malaysia and South East Asia region.

Mr Tai Seng Yee’s work was also crucial in achieving for ZENXIN a NASAA Australia fully certified organic supply chain ie. from organic fertilizer to organic food on the table. This certified organic supply chain also received certification of International Food Safety Standards ISO22000.


2001: ZENXIN Agri-Organic Food Sdn Bhd Established

Mr Tai Kok Kong, Founder of ZENXIN, ventured into organic farming and established ZENXIN Agri-Organic Food Sdn Bhd.

ZENXIN’s journey began by helping its sister company, ZENXIN Agriculture Sdn Bhd which specialises in poultry farming, upcycle chicken farm waste into Midori Organic Fertilizer. Shortly after, ZENXIN was invited into the Modern Farming Project by The Ministry of Agriculture, Malaysia and was given a chance to rent a plot of land to start its own farms in Johor and Gua Musang, Kelantan. The total size of 215 acres of farmland allowed ZENXIN to plant and offer 80 types of organic vegetables. ZENXIN proceeded to emerge as the leading organic grower and distributor of organic fruits and vegetables in Malaysia and Singapore.

2008: NASAA Certified & ZENXIN Organic Grower Initiative

ZENXIN’s organic compost factory, organic farms, packing facilities and food processing plant receive certification by NASAA. The entire production chain strictly complies with Australia’s organic standard. Consumers are assured that their food supply chain is controlled under stringent international organic standards. Annual inspection is carried out to ensure compliance.

“ZENXIN Organic Grower Initiative” launched. 155 acres of farmland converted to organic farms under the program. More than 360 acres of farms and contract farms managed by ZENXIN received NASAA Organic certification. The system demonstrates how organic farming benefits talented farmers with modern agricultural knowledge by providing them with stable and higher income.

2009: ZENXIN Organic Park Established

ZENXIN started its agro-tourism business in 2009 and converted its biggest organic farm into ZENXIN Organic Park. The park provides first hand experience on organic farming practices and shows visitors how it helps to maintain the diversity of ecology.

2010: Simply Natural Food Brand

ZENXIN founded its sister brand Simply Natural with a complete range of organic cooking ingredients from noodles, grains, oils, tea to spices. Simply Natural sources from organic farms around the world with a shared vision in creating a sustainable agricultural system.

2015: ZENXIN Travel Established

ZENXIN launched ZENXIN Travel to operate experiential nature tours. Insightful trips showed how organic food is sourced, man’s precious connection with Mother Earth and demonstrated appreciation of local food in unique ways.

2016: Organic Food Processing and Home Delivery

ZENXIN ventured into organic food-processing to manage supplies of organic fresh produce. This includes organic handmade noodles and organic tea. The processing facilities were approved by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) in 2018 and about 80 Simply Natural products receive Halal certification.

ZENXIN started home delivery services in Malaysia and Singapore, making organic and healthy food source choices more readily available to customers.

2019: Frost & Sullivan award and UN Sustainable Development Goals

ZENXIN is named by Frost & Sullivan to be “The Best Organic Food Company” in Malaysia.

ZENXIN declares support for 8 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals, these Sustainable Development Goals are built on a wealth of work spanning decades by countries and the United Nations.

2020: ZENXIN’s Future and China Expansion

Today, ZENXIN Organic offers 200 types of organic fresh produce and 400 organic dried food from our Simply Natural brand. You can find them in 15 ZENXIN retail outlets around Malaysia and Singapore. We are also in 150+ supermarkets in both countries. This year ZENXIN Organic Food also started its business expansion into Nanning, China.

We are constantly on the look for high quality food sources. Constantly improving our operations to be green and efficient. And the story of the real organic food purveyor goes on and on.