Farm stays, gourmet journeys, local tours…

ZENXIN Travel is a licensed travel agency in Singapore (TA02963) and a subsidiary of Zenxin Agri-Organic Food.

With integrity and passion, ZENXIN Travel works at curating authentic and meaningful travel experiences for the modern traveller.

Specialising in agricultural, rural, gourmet tourism, ZENXIN Travel works closely with partners to develop exclusive travel programmes and journeys to reinforce appreciation for growing and making food sustainably. These enriching programmes are developed for  enjoyment, but are also aimed at fostering your understanding and connection towards Mother Earth.

Currently, services are offered for Group Inclusive Tours (G.I.T) and the Free Independent Traveler (F.I.T) to destinations like Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. ZENXIN Travel is also working with various organizations to create overseas team-bonding sessions and retreats.