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ZENXIN started its agro-tourism business in 2009 and converted its biggest organic farm in Malaysia into ZENXIN Organic Park.

Integrated with a farm mart and a casual styled restaurant Farm Table, this recreational farm for one and all is first and foremost, a working organic farm with organic aloe vera, papaya, mulberries, vegetables such as sweet potato leaf, choy sum, okra, herbs etc. 

With a clear objective to create awareness and provide first hand experience on organic farming practices, ZENXIN Organic Park has specially designed interactive farm related activities for park goers of all ages.

What is the essence or the core principles of organic agriculture? Is organic farming simply abstaining from chemical pesticides and herbicides during the course of farming?

While reading helps you gain knowledge about organic agriculture, actively partaking in organic farm activities heightens your senses——-seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, hearing for yourself that which goes on in a day’s work, allows you to cement whatever knowledge you acquire. These are rich experiences fully convertible to memories that would last for a lifetime.  

From harvesting your own vegetables to planting your own bananas, guided farm tours to customised walks, kids and adults alike find their senses invigorated as hands-on activities reveal insights into the mechanics of organic agriculture. In the midst of it all, there is a wonderful connection with the rhythms of nature.

Step out of the farm and arrive at our kitchen.

Here, the earlier organic farming experience is extended, you use fresh organic vegetable puree to make your own noodles, you prepare your Nasi Ulam from scratch. Anyone who heeds this call will know that being on the farm and learning is fun if not delicious. 

To date, ZENXIN Organic Park has received more than 500,000 Singaporean visitors and is rated as the most popular educational travel activity in Johor, Malaysia. 

Here, you are welcome to do as much as you like or as little as you wish, and just be with nature.   

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