ZENXIN Organic Fresh Produce

Organic fresh produce grown by ZENXIN is in strict accordance to organic farming methods, without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, using instead organic fertilizers and compost, produced by the first Certified Organic Input Manufacturer in Malaysia, ZENXIN Organic Fertilizers & Compost Factory (Certified by NASAA, Australia)

The organic fertilizer and compost in use is mainly chicken manure, cow manure, agriculture waste such as empty fruit branches, leaves, discarded vegetables and coffee waste. These are converted into organic fertilizer and compost through the fermentation process by beneficial microorganisms or Indigenous Microorganisms. 

Additionally, all of ZENXIN’s fully owned farms and farms under the ZENXIN Organic Grower Group comply stringently with the standards of Scheme Organic Malaysia (SOM, accredited by Department of Agriculture, Malaysia) in addition to Australian Organic Standards, or the organic standards of The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA). 

Random pesticide tests on soil, water and produce of farms are also conducted routinely to ensure compliance to Australia and International Federation of Organic Farm Movements (IFOAM)  ’s international organic standards, certified by NASAA .

Organic fresh produce grown under these conditions at our farms include dragon fruit, passion fruit, banana, papaya, siew pak choy, choy sum, kang kong, kailan, long beans, french beans, cucumber, bitter gourd, pumpkin, lady’s finger, eggplant, sweet potato etc. In addition, ZENXIN also imports organic fresh produce such as apple, blueberries, avocado, kiwi etc from certified organic farms from all over the world.

Organic Vegetables (Subject to season and availability)

Organic Fruits (Subject to season and availability)