About Simply Natural Series

ZENXIN established a dried organic goods label Simply Natural Organic Dried Foods in 2009. 

In line with ZENXIN’s mission of greening Mother Earth and inspiring healthier lifestyles, Simply Natural Organic Dried Foods is committed to delivering a wider range of healthier food options without artificial additives and preservatives at reasonable prices. 

Over the years, ZENXIN has increased substantially the range in Simply Natural Organic Dried Foods. There are now more than 400 products, with product categories spanning Asian noodles, beverages, condiments, dried mushrooms, seaweeds, flour, grains, nuts, ready-to-eat snacks, supplements and oils. The variety is exciting to get you on your way to revamping your kitchen and kickstarting a healthier you in the making.

To allow consumers wonderful access to an extensive quality organic dried foods range, ZENXIN worked first at achieving Certified Organic Processor status for its processing facilities in Kuala Lumpur, Kluang and Singapore, with dedicated cold rooms for organic repacking. 

All organic produce and products packed and processed in ZENXIN’s very own processing facilities reach NASAA Certified Organic Standards.

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