ZENXIN Organic Golden Monk Fruit

ZENXIN Organic Golden Monk Fruit 诚兴有机黄金罗汉果

Golden monk fruit is a specialty of Guangxi, China. ZENXIN’s Organic Golden Monk Fruit is sourced directly from Longjiang Village in Yongfu County, Guilin, also known as ‘Home of Luo Han Guo’ with clean and pristine environment best for its cultivation. This area has over 300 years of history cultivating monk fruits as it is blessed with ideal climate, fertile soil and clean spring water resources that creates an ideal monk fruit grown without chemical pesticides. 


Difference between Golden Monk Fruits and Monk Fruits made with Traditional Method 黄金罗汉果和传统罗汉果的分别

Golden monk fruit derives its name from the bright gold hue of its skin. Compared to typical monk fruit, which is dark brown in colour, golden monk fruit is free from the unpleasant burnt bitter aftertaste.  It has such discrepancy due to the difference in processing methods. Monk fruits made with traditional method are usually roasted at a higher temperature to dry it out for longer shelf life, thus producing less appealing dark coloured monk fruits with burnt bitter flavour. Nevertheless, golden monk fruits are produced with a new dehydration method called low-temperature vacuum-drying technique to evaporate the moisture inside the fruit, retaining its bright colour while extending its shelf life. When brewed or boiled in water, the liquid remains bright yellow colour, has a nectar-like sweetness with refreshing fruity scent that is free from bitter aftertaste, unlike the one brewed with traditional monk fruits.  The low-temperature vacuum-drying technique also preserves more nutrients in monk fruits.

Tips for choosing golden monk fruits: The shell of golden monk fruit is more fragile thus breaks more easily during transportation. In addition, it usually has a hole drilled into its top for moisture evaporation. To avoid pests’ issue, it is recommended to buy those individually packed for better hygiene and easier storage.黄金罗汉果因表皮呈金黄色而得名。与传统的深褐色罗汉果相比,黄金罗汉果不带焦苦味。之所以有这样的差异,是因为罗汉果加工方法的不同。用传统方法制成的罗汉果通常以较高的温度烘烤以延长保质期,因此颜色较深并带焦苦味。尽管如此,黄金罗汉果采用一种称为真空低温脱水技术的新型脱水方式生产,蒸发罗汉果内部水分同时,还能保留罗汉果的颜色,同时延长保质期。冲泡黄金罗汉果时,你会发现用来冲泡泡黄金罗汉果的水仍呈亮黄色,味道清甜,并带有清爽的罗汉果香气,同时也没有传统罗汉果会有的焦苦味。此外,真空低温脱水技术还保留了罗汉果更多的营养成分。


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Monk Fruit as One of the Healthiest Natural Sweetener 罗汉果可作为健康天然代糖

Monk fruit derives its intense sweetness from unique antioxidants called mogrosides- which is 150-250 times sweeter than table sugar yet with zero calorie and sugar content, thus has almost no impact on body weight and blood sugar levels. Monk fruit is regarded one of the healthiest natural sweeteners which is both diabetic and keto-friendly.罗汉果的甜味并非来自糖分,而是来自于独有的抗氧化剂-罗汉果苷,甜味是蔗糖的150-250倍,但不含任何卡路里及糖分,所以不会造成体重或血糖飙升。因此,罗汉果也可作为健康的天然代糖,适合糖尿病患或须遵循低碳水饮食或生酮饮食人士。

Suggested Usage 建议使用方式

Golden monk fruits can be used in the same ways as traditional monk fruits. Just break the fruit open and brew with some hot water for about 15 minutes to draw out the sweet taste. Monk fruit is known to have cool temperament with health benefits of quenching thirst and clearing body heatiness. You may also add monk fruits into dessert or tea to replace sugar.Make your own ‘sugar-free’ monk fruit syrup by simmering broken monk fruits in boiled water until the liquid is concentrated. Filter away the monk fruit pieces and refrigerate for daily use.黄金罗汉果和传统的罗汉果使用方式相似,只需把罗汉果的外壳轻轻敲开,并以热水冲泡约15分钟直到甜味渗透出来即可。罗汉果性凉,具有生津止渴,去热的功效。罗汉果也可以用来泡茶、煲甜汤或添加进糖水以代替糖的使用。你也可以用罗汉果来制作天然的‘无糖’罗汉果糖浆,只需把敲开的罗汉果浸泡在热水里,并以慢火熬煮使水分蒸发,直到液体变得浓稠,再把罗汉果的果肉和皮过滤掉并冷藏以备日常使用。

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