ZENXIN 100% Food Contact Recycled-PET (rPET) Tray

ZENXIN 100% Food Contact Recycled-PET (rPET) Tray

Back in Oct 2020, ZENXIN started to switch to paper trays and managed to replace approximately 10,000 kg (10 tonnes) of plastic trays into recyclable paper trays throughout the year of 2021. Small steps definitely make big changes, isn’t it?

However, we realized that our paper trays tend to turn soggy especially when used for high moisture vegetables such as carrots, beetroots & broccoli.

This issue has badly affected our vegetable quality and shelf-life. Here at ZENXIN, we prioritize the quality of our produce for the customers but at the same time we’re trying our best to keep our produce out of the landfill and appreciate our farmer’s efforts.

What’s old is new again!

We realized the better way to make new stuff is to make it out of old stuff. So, we implemented 100% Food Contact Recycled-PET (rPET) material to pack our fresh broccoli, carrots and beetroots as these three have the highest moisture compared to others. This new tray is fully recyclable, has a lower carbon footprint than virgin PET materials and definitely more lightweight, strong and waterproof, so our farmer’s effort doesn’t simply go to waste. Win-win situation!

Our 100% food contact rPET are certified by:

BRS Global Standard for Food Contact rPET

*Internationally recognised benchmark for best practice in food safety, quality and responsibility.

ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification)

*An established system for certifying biomass and bioenergy management.

ISO 14001:2015

*A standard requirement for an environmental management system.

ISO 9001:2015

*A standard requirement for a quality management system 

We understand that plastic offsetting is not a perfect solution. Ultimately, we want to reduce the amount of plastic we use, and using 100% recycled is our first step to achieving that goal. Sustainability isn’t one-size-fits-all and every brand has different needs. We don’t pick the most popular options, we’re here to reduce our impact by the numbers. Here’s to a better world. 

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