ZENXIN’S 2021 Sustainability Efforts


At ZENXIN, we care about the environment just as much as we do about our product quality.

For years, we had been using plastic trays to pack our fresh produce such as carrots and broccoli but we realized that we have the responsibility to reduce our plastic dependence. Starting early 2021, we made an initiative and explored more sustainable packaging such as opting for paper-like material for our vegetables tray. The reason why we change our vegetable tray first is because it contains the most amount of plastic and will give the most impact if they were replaced. By taking this small step, we managed to reduce the plastic usage by approximately 10,000kg (10 tonnes) throughout the year of 2021! 

However, as we implemented the usage of paper trays, we realized that plastic-like material is a necessary evil for high moisture vegetables such as carrots, beetroots & broccoli as they will make our paper trays turn soggy before reaching your doorstep. This is badly affecting the quality & reducing the shelf life of the vegetables. Unfortunately, plastic waste isn’t the only environmental issue to be considered: staggering numbers of food waste is the third most common problem in climate change and we don’t want to contribute to that either. 

We are aware of this whole sustainability idea and we are committed to not only focusing on reducing our plastic usage but also to reduce the number of food waste and carbon footprint. As of now, we will try to maximize the usage of recycled & fully recyclable plastic wherever possible – and we’ll be keeping a close eye on future sustainable solutions. 

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