Carrot Cake Roll



  • 6 Egg yolks (Grade A)
  • 100g Fresh carrot juice
  • 60g Vegetable oil
  • 90g Self raising flour (Sifted)
  • 70g Shredded carrots
  • 6 Egg whites (Grade A)
  • 80g Brown sugar


  • 200g Cream cheese
  • 50g Unsalted butter (Room temperature)
  • 70g Icing sugar
  • 7g Lemon juice
  • 10g Whipping cream


  • 100g Whipping cream (Chilled)
  • 10g Icing sugar

Some chopped almonds and pistachios



  1. In a large bowl, whisk together egg yolks, carrot juice and oil till well combined. Mix in flour until no lumps followed by shredded carrots. DO NOT OVERMIX! 
  2. In a stand mixer bowl, beat egg whites on medium-high speed. Add brown sugar in 3 batches until soft peaks form. Fold egg white meringue into egg yolk batter in 3 batches until fully combined. DO NOT OVERMIX!
  3. Pour batter into a 25cm x 35cm swiss roll pan lined with baking paper (1) and even out batter, give baking pan a few taps to release any trapped air bubbles.
  4. Bake in preheated oven at 180°C for 18-20 minutes, until cake surface is golden brown and dry to touch. Remove cake from oven and drop it from a height of 1” to minimise shrinking. Prepare cake filling while cake is cooling on a wire rack for 10 minutes.
  5. In a stand mixer bowl, beat cream cheese, butter and icing sugar till smooth. Mix in lemon juice followed by whipping cream until well combined. Keep cream cheese mixture in fridge for 10-15 minutes if it is too soft. DO NOT OVERCHILL!
  6. Flip slightly warm cake over onto a piece of new baking paper (2), gently remove paper (1) from cake bottom and continue to cool for 5 minutes. Place a piece of new baking paper (3) on top and flip cake over once again. Cake with skin is now facing up. 
  7. Trim cake edges and spread cream cheese mixture evenly on cake surface. Use baking paper (3) to roll cake up. Chill cake roll in fridge for at least 1 hour to firm up.  
  8. Use chilled bowl, beaters and whipping cream to make whipped cream frosting. In a chilled bowl, whip whipping cream and icing sugar until medium to stiff peaks form. Chill frosting for 30-40 minutes before use.
  9. Frost outside of cake roll with frosting and sprinkle with chopped almonds and pistachios. Slice and serve!


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