8 Auspicious Foods This Chinese New Year

1. Steamboat

Symbolism: Reunion 团团圆圆

The family who eats together stays together. And what a better way to reunite with piping hot steamboats? Steamboat is traditionally eaten during Chinese New Year’s Eve as the round shape of the steamboat pot symbolises family reunion. It is also a great time to foster bonding with family members while waiting for the food to be cooked.

ZENXIN Organic steamboat provides a fuss-free organic experience with our specially crafted steamboat stock (Clear Soup and Nourishing Soup) by Ms Theresa Kok from Ori Kitchen.


2. Yu Sheng

Symbolism: Prosperity 风生水起

Tossing Yu Sheng (Raw fish salad) is a must do during Chinese New Year in hopes of good fortune and prosperity in the coming year! As garnishes are added, auspicious sayings will be called out. The higher the toss, the more prosperous the year will be! 

As Yu Sheng typically consists of raw ingredients, consciously include ZENXIN’s organic selections. ZENXIN’s Organic Rainbow Yu Sheng consists of healthy vibrant vegetables that are farmed without pesticides and herbicides, it is a nutritious and delicious treat for all in the family to enjoy! 

[Pre-order] ZENXIN Yu Sheng (without fresh veggies)


3. Longevity Noodles

Symbolism: Longevity 长命百岁

Longevity Noodles are traditional Chinese noodles which symbolize a long and happy life. The longer the noodles, the longer the lifespan of those who consume them. Hence, while preparing or serving the noodles, be careful not to break or cut them.

The 70-inch ZENXIN Organic Longevity Noodle is made with a 50-year-old noodle making technique using high quality Australian Wheat Flour and Organic Lakadong Turmeric Powder. The Lakadong Turmeric Powder is the finest turmeric variety from Darjeeling, India with the highest curcumin content. Each noodle piece is hand shaped into the Chinese character ‘Blessings in Spring’(春福) with the auspicious meaning of ‘ Flower Blooms in Spring, Blessings to the World ’(春暖花开, 福到人间)! 

[Pre-order] ZENXIN Organic Longevity Noodle 40g


4. Mushrooms

Symbolism: Health 身体健康

Mushroom is a must-have ingredient in various Chinese New Year dishes including Poon Choi, Steamboat, Braised Mushrooms with Abalone and more. 

Mushrooms have been used medicinally for thousands of years, and it symbolises Health and Longevity.

Sourced directly from Zhejiang and Qingyuan in China, ZENXIN’s organic mushroom medley consists of 6 types of aromatic, meaty and juicy mushrooms. In Qingyuan, mushrooms are grown during its natural season, organically in pristine forests without chemicals and sulphur treatment. Qingyuan Mushroom Culture System was also named the Nationally Important Agricultural Heritage systems of China in 2014.

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5. Grains

Symbolism: Abundance 五谷丰登

Grains such as rice, quinoa and barley are a few common staples that are deemed to be lucky as they symbolise prosperity and abundance. It is also a tradition to fill up your rice bucket to the fullest in Chinese New Year so the family will be blessed with food for the whole year.

Every single grain is the fruit of hard work. At ZENXIN, hardwork is poured in during our packing of the longevity 8-treasure grains as it needed to be filled up layer by layer. Make a bowl of 8 types premium organic whole grains congee with our Longevity 8-Treasure Grains! It sure looks as good as it tastes!

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6. Nuts and Seeds

Symbolism: Wealth and Prosperity 金玉满堂

Chinese New Year is the perfect time to indulge in snacks and treats. Nuts and seeds can be the best guilt-free Chinese New Year snacks as they are healthy, nutritious and have the symbolism of wealth and prosperity. The yellow colour of the nuts is also similar to the colour of gold.

At ZENXIN, our nuts are neither baked nor roasted, but dehydrated at a temperature of 60 degree celsius, and carefully blended using high quality nuts, seeds and dried fruits. It is definitely your best snack companion this Chinese New Year!

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7. Lettuce

Symbolism: Wealth 和气生财

Lettuce (生菜) is a must-have during Chinese New Year! As the Chinese word for lettuce sounds like ‘生财’ which means increasing wealth, and it is also a symbolism of spring. 

Get a pot of ZENXIN Organic Lettuce, organically grown without chemical fertilisers and pesticides according to international standards. It tastes sweet, crispy and most importantly, you can harvest right before you eat.


8. Clementine (Mandarin orange)

Symbolism: Good fortune 大吉大利

Clementines are auspicious fruits that symbolise wealth and good luck, as the Chinese word for orange sounds like “luck” and “wealth”. The bright orange colour of the clementines also symbolises gold. They are often brought in pairs and exchanged in every household visit during Chinese New Year, which represents exchange of gold!

ZENXIN customers’ all time favourite- Nadorcott Mandarin is a special breed of clementine!With its easy-to-peel thin skin, the seedless variety presents a strong clementine fragrance which is well-balanced with sweetness and acidity. Sourced from Spain, the clementines are grown in a beautiful organic farm at Valencia, located 20 km from the sea. Greater temperature difference during cultivation is the key to their intense flavour!

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