6 Alternatives to popular snacks

During this festive season, while we are visiting our family, relatives and friends, snacks are available whichever household we go. Worry about busting your calories? Don’t worry, here are the alternatives to your favourite Chinese New Year snacks. 

Additional tips to celebrate Chinese New Year guilt-free when visiting

  1. Walk more when visiting. Park your vehicle further away from your destination or take the stairs instead of using the lifts, keeping you physically active. 
  2. Don’t visit when hungry. Make sure you eat proper meals with 80% fullness before visiting, this is to reduce the desire on taking too much of traditional snacks. 
  3. Control your portion. Eat 6 portions of carbs (Noodles, rice, and starchy vegetables), at least 3 portions of vegetables and 2 portions of fruits per day. 


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