[Promotion] Organic Mini Cos Lettuce 160g Malaysia


Origin: Malaysia
Status: Organic
Certification: NASAA
Highlights: Our organic mini cos lettuce 迷你生菜 Mí nǐ shēng cài has a delicate flavour and crunchy texture making it a substantial player and ideal ingredient in a classic Caesar salad.  Like all lettuce it is a great hydrating, low-calorie addition to your diet with 96% water plus water-soluble vitamin. C & Folate B9 & fat-soluble vitamin K and the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin. Naturally low in sodium, it does however offer the essential minerals calcium, magnesium, phosphorous & potassium.

In the ‘Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies’ by Beatrix Potter, the baby rabbits stuffed themselves with lettuce and fell asleep in the pile of mown grass. Lettuce contains high levels of lactucarium, known as ‘lettuce opium’ which has a relaxing, soporific effect and may be useful course to add to your dinner routine at night for better sleep.

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