The Journey of Motherhood

At the start of the motherhood journey, you will learn to hold and cautiously protect your little darling and venture into the new unknown challenge and future. Naturally, you will start to have a lot of worry, fatigue, anxiety and wonder whether you are able to give the best and make sure your little darling will grow healthily and happily.

Being a mother means being completely and totally overwhelmed by love, joy, responsibility, and selflessness.

After giving birth, a mother looks at her newborn baby happily but her worry never stops and emotions may fill her up most of the time. Slowly, without intervention, an overwhelmed mother may develop postpartum depression or social anxiety.


5 Tips for the Mothers to Reduce Stress and Worries:

1. Seek Helps from Professionals

New mothers may need a lot of help, especially the one experiencing depressive symptoms in the exhausting postpartum period. Recommend that you seek professional help from a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other mental health worker. 

2. Try Yoga or Meditation

Relax is important! Transfer the mother’s worry into relaxation.

3. Create a Secure Bonding with the Baby. 

Often talk and play with the baby. Try to breastfeed your baby more frequently and this would create a better attachment with your baby. 

4. Go for a Walk with Your Partner and Baby

Something that you can do everyday to relax yourself.

5. Join New Mother Support Group

A lot of social media groups offer years of experience in midwifery, nursing and lactation consulting to help expecting mothers and new parents muddle their way through anything and everything related to babies. Join them to get some friendly and positive supports.

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