How to Prepare Dried Mushrooms

How to prepare dried mushroom for cooking

When we have the world’s best organic mushrooms, we want to make sure we cook it right to appreciate it at its best. Here are some preparation tips 最好的有机干蘑菇,需用正确的处理方式,以充分体现它的美味及珍贵。

  • Soak dried mushrooms in warm water for 20-30 minutes or until softened 将干蘑菇在温水中浸泡20-30分钟或至到干蘑菇变软
  • If you are not in a rush, use the slow soak method- Soak dried mushrooms in room temperature water for 8 hours or more (as it can ‘lock’ more flavour and retain firm texture of mushrooms) 如时间充裕,可选用慢速浸泡的方法:将干蘑菇在室温的水中浸泡至少8小时(这方法能够更好的锁住蘑菇的风味及口感)
  • Gently squeeze each mushroom to remove as much water as possible 轻轻挤压每个蘑菇,以除去多余的水分
  • Rinse the mushrooms to remove any hidden, stubborn grits 冲洗蘑菇以去除残留的沙粒
  • Liquid used to soak mushrooms adds enormous flavour to your dish! Strain the liquid to remove unwanted grits before use 浸泡蘑菇的水能为菜肴增添独特的鲜味!但在使用前需先过滤以去除残留的沙粒

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