Do you know Kai Lan is one of the most popular vegetables in a Chinese banquet?

A prominent member of the Brassica family (same species as cauliflower and broccoli)this green leafy vegetable is widely used in many Chinese or Cantonese cuisines for their impressive nutritional value and unique flavour.

Whether stir-fried, steamed or blanched, the Kai Lan ‘s stem is juicy and crunchy whereas the leaves display great “depth” in terms of taste profile. 

The ZENXIN Organic Kai Lan flowers at around 30 days. Harvested with buds that taste sweet, ZENXIN’s Organic Kai Lan can easily be the star of a feast with the layering tastes and textures and its different parts present. One popular dish is stir fried kai lan with oyster sauce. Moreover, Kai Lan is often seen in noodle dishes, such as stir-fried noodles with meat and Chinese broccoli.

Also known as Gai-Lan Chinese Kale or Chinese broccoli, this cruciferous vegetable gives you a hearty dose of nutrients, flavour and versatility to your diet. High in dietary fibre, it aids digestion and encourages bowel movements. 

Kai Lan has an impressive amount of vitamin C and beta-carotene, which are crucial antioxidants protecting the body against free radical damage that causes various chronic diseases. Getting enough Kai Lan in your diet, and especially juicing them is great for promoting healthy detoxification. The sulphur and glucosinolates in Kai Lan support detox by removing and expelling toxins from the body.  Moreover, consuming Kai Lan during pregnancy and nursing periods is highly beneficial for the healthy growth of foetus and helps boost breast milk production.

Cooking Suggestions:

Besides adding Kai Lan in stir-fries, ZENXIN Kai Lan’s unique taste profile is delicious to be added in salads or to use as garnish. When you make an energy booster smoothie, include Kai Lan as their slight bitter flavour can make it a great pair with many fruits.

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