A Healthier You

A Healthier You

Health and intellect are arguably two of the greatest treasures in our lives. But let’s take this equation one step further. I want to bring forth the idea that health can be boosted by our intellect and vice versa (without health, how can we continue to gather intellect?).Therefore, I think it is fitting that we start our journey of intellect by defining the components of today’s theme. From here, we can agree that our goal should be to improve the entirety of our person with regards to physical and mental condition. As a nutritionist, I wish to achieve this goal through food and the key nutrients they contain.

Taking It One Step Further: “You”

Then again, let’s talk about what “you” or “I” are made of? How do we improve those components? Let us take a closer look at our bodies. First of all, how is it that we are even able to move about, sit, stand and walk? Perhaps we should start from our bones and joints.

Shaun Tan

Nutritionist @Zenxin Singapore

Working with a variety of products helps him to keep up and continuously innovate new nutrition strategies, it’s give him an opportunity to increase his knowledge and ability to make it realistic and correct recommendations to customers.

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