Organic Farming is Kinder To Our Planet

Organic Farming’s Sustainable Impacts

At ZENXIN, our organic actions speak the loudest. 

From 2001, ZENXIN has been working proactively in Malaysia to convert farmlands into organic ones. The ongoing effort has to date, amassed more than 330 acres of organic farmland.

We support organic farming which helps to slow down climate change by capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide and incorporating it into the soil, thereby preventing further contribution to Greenhouse Effect. 

Organic farming is also important in promoting micro nutrient-dense soil used for decades to grow crops.

No synthetic fertilisers and pesticides are used in our organic farms. By not contributing chemical residues, harmful pesticides, toxic fertilisers and fossil fuels, we protect water quality. 

We encourage biodiversity, protect animal health and welfare in the farm by reserving at least 10% of our farmland without any activity for wildlife.

Fighting Food Waste

In addition, ZENXIN endeavours to reduce food waste. 

Extra love and attention is always showered upon edible uglies or “Organic Uglies” to minimise food waste.

These “Organic Uglies” comprising fruits and vegetables may look imperfect, but they do not fall short in terms of nutrition and flavour profiles. More often than not, these “Organic Uglies” find their way in ZENXIN’s Staff Canteen Kitchen and are transformed into healthy organic lunch for staff. There are also arrangements every week for local charities to collect these grade-out produce for use in their soup kitchens. 

At the other end of the spectrum,  “Organic Uglies”, together with discarded raw materials can be recycled into ZENXIN Organic Farm’s self-made Midori fertilisers and compost, supplying nutrients to plants. 

Committed as always, ZENXIN strives ethically to achieve sustainability goals while following the Four Principles of Organic Agriculture, namely Principle of Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care as outlined by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).

 All these efforts act to protect our environment and guarantee safe organic produce for the benefit of our consumers, as we progress united, towards a sustainable lifestyle and a sustainable future for our future generation.

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