🧧Eat ZENXIN organic vegetable for an “Ong & Huat’ New Year !

Serve these organic vegetables🥬 during your reunion feast! They not only symbolize good fortune but they’re also energy-packed with nutrients that can help you and family roar your way into a healthier new year! 

ZENXIN organic vegetables are strictly grown in accordance with organic farming methods, without the use of pesticides and chemicals. This ensures you and your family are eating healthily and safely.


Organic English Spinach

Organically planted in Brinchang, Kampung Raja, Lojing Highland in Cameron, the Organic English Spinach is your ideal green to be featured in your daily meals. It is commonly known as “horenso”, which means spinach in Japanese, and is commonly used by the Japanese to prepare dishes such as Japanese Spinach Salad (Horenso no ohitashi). 

Spinach is a versatile vegetable that is featured in various cuisines and cooking methods. From a nutrition perspective, spinach is highly nutritious. It is high in calcium, iron, vitamin A, K, magnesium and more, which makes it a must-have item on our dining table. 


Here are some tips: 
1. Consume food rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits along with your spinach dish in order to enhance the absorption of iron in your body 

2. If you would like to prepare your spinach in a raw salad or power smoothie, blanch it before consuming it to remove the oxalic acid present in the spinach. Oxalic acid is a compound that exists in fruits and leafy vegetables naturally. It tends to bind with the minerals such as calcium in our body, causing reduced absorption of calcium into our body. Therefore, proper food preparation methods and healthy eating patterns are important in providing adequate nutrients for health maintenance. 

Besides direct consumption and being part of the ensemble in various cooking methods, Organic English Spinach is one of the important ingredients in the making of Simply Natural Organic Spinach Noodle, which contains 20% organic fresh spinach puree, the highest amount of certified organic vegetable goodness you can find in noodles in the market.


Organic English Cabbage

ZENXIN Organic English Cabbage is sourced directly from Brinchang highlands in Cameron Highland, which is the highest point in the highlands with an altitude of 1500m above sea level. The english cabbages are blessed with the cool weather and high moisture level, resulting in growing sweet and juicy cabbages that everyone loves, including our friends: bugs, worms and of course, snails which love the outer leaves of the cabbage. Our friendly neighbors, the spiders would come to the rescue and protect our cabbage. How wonderful nature is! 

English cabbage not only provides its sweetness and juiciness to your meal, it is also a great source of fibre, vitamin C, A, iron, vitamin B6 and folic acid and more which are essential in sustaining our health. Despite being packed with nutrients, it is low in calories at only 22kcal per cup of raw cabbage, which makes it ideal for weight management and therapeutic meals!

We are also amazed by its presence in all kinds of dishes, where it can be stir-fried, steamed, stewed and even prepared in soup and salad forms. The cabbage itself is embraced by various cuisines: chinese oriental, western, indian and local Malay cuisines, which makes it even more precious. 


Organic English Carrot

This starchy vegetable in gradient orange colour is sourced from Chiang Rai highland in Thailand and granted with wonderful climate and weather that provide it with plump, crunchy and juicy characteristics. Free of pesticides and chemical fertilisers, it’s beneficial for our health and of course, the environment. 

Organic carrots can be consumed in raw form, even with its peels on, as well as stir-fried with your favourite vegetables, best paired with onions and potatoes in a pot of Japanese curry and more! 

Carrot is rich in beta-carotene, which will be transformed into vitamin A which is commonly known for sustaining eye health, preventing night blindness, and has a skin-beautifying effect by promoting wound healing and skin regeneration. Besides that, carrots are packed with antioxidants, such as carotenoids in fighting against free radicals that would cause harm to our body and reduce the cancer risk. 

Here are some interesting facts about carrots that you might not know:

  1. Whenever we think about carrots, we often relate it with rabbit’s favourite food, as presented in children reading books and animations. In fact, rabbits do not consume carrots as their main source of food as carrots are high in carbohydrate and can only be consumed as treats occasionally.  
  2. There are 2 types of baby carrots, which differ by their planting and processing methods. The first type are the carrots that are harvested before they mature, while the other one refers to the matured carrots that have been processed and cut into finger sized. Thus, you might notice that there are no peels present in this type of baby carrots. 
  3. Carrots are mainly made out of 89% of water despite itself being a starchy vegetable. Great for juicing and making smoothies, you can start your day with carrot juice on top of your regular balanced breakfast meal.


Organic Shiitake Mushroom

The fresh Organic Shiitake Mushrooms that you can find at ZENXIN are imported from Chiangrai, Thailand. Unlike traditional shiitake mushrooms which commonly use urea supplements to speed up cultivation of the mushrooms, our Organic Shiitake mushrooms are proudly grown 100% organically with natural taste and smell. Hence, consumers can enjoy it with their family in every meal with peace of mind. 

Its delicious umami flavour makes it versatile and ideal for stir-fried vegetables dishes, soup and any cooking methods where it helps to replace meat in the making of the soup stock. In the Traditional Chinese Medicine context, it is believed that it can boost health and promote longevity as well as improve circulation.

Besides, this low-calorie food is rich in polysaccharides like letinans and beta-glucans which enhance the immune system by boosting white blood cell production to fight off microbes. Moreover, this highly nutritious food is also rich in natural copper and may promote healthy blood vessels, bone and immunity. Furthermore, shiitake mushroom is also a good cholesterol-lowering food as it is rich in fiber and other compounds, including eritadenine, sterols and beta-glucans.


Organic Pea Sprout

Grown organically with love and care at an organic-certified farm in Johor, Malaysia, ZENXIN’s Organic Pea Sprouts are grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers, with the use of  non-GMO pea seeds and special species sourced from Australia, which gives these sprouts a tiny, nice and appropriate size and less fibrous texture. 

ZENXIN’s Organic Pea Sprouts (Dou Miao) are definitely a mouth-watering dish when it is stir-fried with garlic and some black bean sauce, and because of its less fibrous texture, it is best eaten in steamboat, salads, smoothies and yusheng. This low-calorie food is packed with antioxidants and carotene that protects our body against free radical damages which may induce cancer related diseases. Also, consuming pea sprouts has been found to be beneficial in helping diabetic patients have better control of their blood sugar level. 

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