Organic Sweet Potato Baby Noodles with Sweet Potato, Chickpeas & Figs

Written by: Ceri, ZENXIN Masterchef

Sweet potato, chickpeas and figs—-who would have thought?

But this sweet savoury combination could easily be your go to recipe for the little ones at home. 

Sweet potatoes, a nutrient dense root vegetable known for their beta-carotene content which is converted in the body to vitamin A,  supports both eye health and the immune system. They also contain a particular type of beneficial fibre which is good for gut health and recommended for constipation. 

Chickpeas are also known by its popular Spanish derived name ‘garbanzo’. Garbanzos are part of the Slow Food Movement, as they are a dried seed and require soaking overnight. In this recipe, we steam the soaked garbanzos for an hour to create a delicate vegan broth for the baby noodles.

Figs too are a nutrient dense food and an exceptional source of soluble fibre. As they contain the flavonoid luteolin, they are also useful in Irritable Bowel Syndrome thereby helping reduce inflammation. Figs  also contain quercetin which lowers the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Simply Natural Organic  Organic ’s Organic baby noodles are made with 20% organic vegetable puree, (in this case sweet potato), Australian organic unbleached high protein flour and organic wheat starch. They are probably among the purest noodles you can eat.

Key facts:

  • Preparation: Overnight + 5 mins
  • Cooking time: 1hr + 10 mins 
  • Total: Overnight + 1hr 15 mins
  • Serves: 2-4


  • 1 cup Simply Natural Organic garbanzos (soaked overnight)
  • 1 tsp Simply Natural Organic French sea salt
  • 2-4 Simply Natural Organic Smyrna figs
  • 1 jar of Simply Natural Organic sweet potato baby noodles
  • 1-2 ZENXIN Organic sweet potato
  • 1 litre filtered water


  1. Rinse the chickpeas, place in a bowl and add filtered water until well covered.
  2. This must be at least two inches above the chickpea level, leave overnight or at least 8-12hrs.
  3. Drain off the soaking water in the morning through the simmering basket.
  4. Place 1 litre of fresh filtered water into the Thermomix bowl, this becomes the broth.
  5. Place simmering basket plus chickpeas into the bowl and sprinkle over the teaspoon of salt
  6. Set the time to 1 hour, temperature at 100°C and speed 1, or use your normal method to cook.
  7. Wash the sweet potato and likewise steam for 30 mins.
  8. When soft, cool and remove the skin, cutting it into small cubes.
  9. Cut the figs into small cubes. 
  10. Gently poach sweet potato, chickpeas (¼ cup/person) and figs in chickpea broth.
  11. Cook the noodles in boiling water for 2 mins. (about 50g per serving)
  12. Drain and add to serving bowls, pour over the poached mixture.

the ingredients

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