Organic Tomato on the Vine 340g Netherlands


Origin: Holland
Status: Organic
Certification: EU Organic
Highlights: Organic Tomato with Vine have a richer flavour as they have been allowed to ripen on the vine, absorbing more nutrients and sunshine energy to add to the taste.

They are loaded with a substance called lycopene which gives them their distinctive red colour and helps protect them from damage from too many UV rays. In much the same way, lycopene also helps protect our body’s cells from damage.

Organic tomatoes with vine have the added benefit of being rich in heart-healthy potassium, vitamins C and E, and folate (Vit B9) essential for red blood cell formation and cell health and function.

These delicious tomatoes are ideal raw for classic Insalata Caprese, sandwiches, and even sweeter baked or grilled as side dishes.

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