Organic Baby Spinach 125g


Origin: Italy
Status: Organic
Certification: EU Organic
Highlights: Organic Baby Spinach is an excellent source of vitamins K, A, C, B2 and folate (B9) as well as being a good source of manganese, magnesium, iron. Vitamin K is important for maintaining bone health and it is difficult to find vegetables richer in vitamin K than spinach.

Well known for its nutritional qualities it has always been regarded as a food with remarkable abilities to restore energy, increase vitality, and improve the quality of the blood due to its iron content. Iron plays a central role in the formation of red blood cells which help in transporting oxygen around the body, energy production, and DNA synthesis.

Healthy blood is also the foundation of healthy skin and raw baby spinach with a little olive oil will give you the benefits of the fat-soluble betacarotene to help heal and repair skin cells, while water-soluble vitamin C works with collagen to maintain skin’s elasticity. Try the anti-ageing benefits of a baby spinach salad on a regular basis and you will be surprised at the results!

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