ZENXIN at the 8th Annual Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival

The 8th Annual Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) 2015 was all the buzz last weekend, and Zenxin was proud to be part of it!

First Launched in 2008, KLEFF is the first and biggest of its kind in Malaysia. Featuring award-winning international and local environmental films by renowned film makers from all across the globe, the Festival is a platform for all Malaysians to learn, engage and be empowered to take environmental issues more seriously.

Zenxin was invited to be one of the exhibitors at the Green Market as a fellow green enterprise. The Green Market is a unique feature of KLEFF this year, with more than 70 environmental NGOs and green enterprises participating to promote sustainable consumption and production.

Our goal for the weekend was to create awareness about Zenxin’s complete production chain, our Organic Farm to Table Process. To leave an impression with our visitors, we let them have a go at planting their own organic choy sum seeds in nutrient-enriched peat moss. During the activity, we provide them with fun facts throughout the process, from Organic compost fertiliser, organic farming using sustainable methods, harvesting, packaging, delivery and finally to your tables.

As part of Zenxin’s Eco-Initiative, we sold ORGANIC UGLIES at the festival. Organic Uglies are edible fresh fruits and vegetables that are rejected during the selection and packaging process because of their looks. They might have scars on their skin, a twisted shape, or minor damages by insects. These flaws may make them unacceptable for supermarket shelves, but in truth they are all the same when they end up in your woks, pots or even pickle jars! It is a real shame to watch all these food go to waste, so we make them available for purchase at much lower prices.

The Uglies are a big hit at the Festival! After all, it is a win-win when you get to help reduce food waste by taking home some good quality, nutritious, fresh organic produce. Our visitors were pleased with our initiative and effort, and some even came back two days in a row to get more of those organic goodness! Many of them also took interest in our potted organic veg and herbs, also available at our booth as part of our mission to promote sustainable living.

All in all, it was a fun-filled weekend of promoting the organic lifestyle, connecting with our visitors and meet like-minded people who all have Mother Nature’s best interest at heart!

Can’t wait for KLEFF 2016!

From Organic Farm to KLEFF!

Who can resist this!

Boy do our ORGANIC UGLIES sell out fast!

Potted Veg and Herbs ready for their new home!

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