Zenxin Wishes Everyone a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!

M is for May, and it’s for Mother’s Day!
Zenxin is so thankful for all the wonderful, beautiful moms in the world, and we just want to scream, “We LOVE you, mom!”

This Mother’s Day, we want you to treat your mom to some wholesome, ORGANIC goodness! Throughout May, we will be giving 20% off on a selection of products hand picked to boost your mom’s health. These items are:

  1. Hass Avocados
  2. Thai Asparagus
  3. Celery from Spain
  4. English Spinach
  5. New Zealand Spinach
  6. Australian Beetroot
  7. Psyllium Husks
  8. Chia Seeds
  9. Rolled Oats
  10. Garbanzo Beans
  11. Organic Whole Cranberries Infused in Organic Apple Juice

This promotion is available throughout May in all of our outlets across Malaysia and Singapore, as well as in AEON supermarkets across Malaysia.

Happy Mother’s Day!!


M 是 May, 是五月, 也是庆祝母亲节的时候!
诚兴感谢世上所有美丽万能的妈妈们, 要大声地说声:“妈妈, 我们爱您!”

这个母亲节, 不如献上一些健康有益的有机食品, 好好照顾妈妈们的健康吧!
我们将在整个五月给特定产品份提供20%折扣, 希望你们可以把这些有益女性健康的食品带回家和妈妈们一起分享!

  1. 哈斯(Hass)鳄梨
  2. 泰国芦笋
  3. 芹菜(西班牙进口)
  4. 菠菜
  5. 新西兰菠菜 / 帝皇苗
  6. 澳洲甜菜根
  7. 有机上等车前子外壳
  8. 有机奇亞籽 / 有机芡欧鼠尾草
  9. 有机粗燕麦片
  10. 有机鹰嘴豆
  11. 有机蔓越莓干(苹果汁)



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