Things to say when Lo Hei 捞生指南

This CNY, organise your own Lo Hei with ZENXIN’s Rainbow Yu Sheng, follow our guide for auspicious things to say during Lo Hei:
  1. 鸿运当头! (May lady luck shine on you!)- When tossing in Carrot 摆放红萝卜丝
  2. 金玉满堂! (May treasures fill your home!)- When adding in Ginger 放入姜丝
  3. 红红火火! (May your business flourish!)- When tossing in Beetroot 放入甜菜根
  4. 步步高升! (May you rise higher with each step!)- When tossing in Radish 放入白萝卜
  5. 大红大紫! (May you enjoy great fame!)- When adding in Purple Cabbage 放上切丝的紫包菜
  6. 青春常驻! (Stay young forever!)- When adding in Green Bean Sprouts 放入豆苗
  7. 风生水起! (May you have success and promotion at work!)- When tossing in White Cabbage 再放上切丝的白包菜
  8. 金银满屋! (May your house be full of gold and silver!)- When sprinkling Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 撒上南瓜籽
  9. 遍地黄金! (May your floor be splashed with gold!)- When crushing and sprinkling Fried Pumpkin Noodles 把已炸好金瓜面弄碎,并撒在鱼生上
  10. 甜甜蜜蜜! (May your life be sweet!)- When pouring in Plum Sauce 最后,倒入酸梅酱
ZENXIN would also like to wish everyone诚兴全体上下也恭祝大家:
身体健康! (May your body stay strong and healthy!)
心想事成! (May all your wishes come true!)
万事如意!(May everything be good and smooth!)
Huat ah! 发啊!
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