Malaysia Organic Food Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan Best Practices 2020

ZENXIN Organic Food’s best business practices within 
Southeast Asia won the hearts of the panel at the “2020 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards”, claiming itself the “South East Asia Organic Food Industry Customer Value Leadership Award”.

Delivered through a virtual ceremony on 25th August 2020 to 23 award recipients from 6 business segments, Frost & Sullivan 2020 Best Practices Awards honored Asia-Pacific organizations which have displayed excellence and achieved innovative breakthroughs in their industry.

ZENXIN Organic Food has been, for the third year running, received the “Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices” Award. 

Analyst at Frost & Sullivan Nidhi Jalani says, ZENXIN is one of Southeast Asia’s leading manufacturers, producers and retailers in the organic food sector. She highlighted ZENXIN “as a market player with a strong commitment to maintaining its market leader position”.

“As the trend of natural food gains momentum, ZENXIN has successfully prioritized its regular customers. It has also developed and implemented a robust promotional strategy to expand into diverse customer segments. ZENXIN continues to deploy innovative technologies and maintain high standards of excellence in its operations and services.” Nidhi Jalani adds.

Mr Tai Seng Yee, Executive Director of Zenxin Organic Food, thanked all ZENXIN customers who have shown their support since day one. He also thanked ZENXIN ‘s wonderful team who would push boundaries to offer the best organic fresh produce and products to customers. 

“Over 20 years in organic agricultural business, we are more committed than ever, in our effort to nurture more earth-loving organic farms, to create more healthy treats and to allow these wonderful organic products to impact and inspire the lives of as many people as possible.”  

ZENXIN first received the “Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award” in 2018. Subsequently, ZENXIN won the “Malaysia Organic Food Company of the Year 2019”.  

ZENXIN was also awarded Lang International Corporate Titan Award (LICTA) as the “ Best Organic Food Producer 2019”.


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