ZENXIN x DISNEY Organic Tea Canister


  • Organic Chamomile Tea (Disney Canister) 2g x 20 teabags
    Our soothing Organic Chamomile Tea is a harvest of passion and care from the world renowned SEKEM biodynamic organic farms N.E. of Cairo. Made from only the finest organic chamomile flowers cherished in Egypt since ancient times, it is of course naturally caffeine-free. Drink ‘as-is’ to enjoy its calming fragrance or add a little raw, organic honey for a more delightful experience. Perfect for any time of the day, drink in the evening to relax and prepare for a peaceful sleep. NASAA & ISO22k certified.

  • Organic Hibiscus Tea (Disney Canister) 2g x 20 teabags
    Fall in love with Simply Natural’s caffeine-free Organic Hibiscus Tea, packed with wonderful, satisfying, cranberry-like, fruity notes. Enjoy this refreshing, zingy blend pure or simply add raw, organic honey for a touch of sweetness (we call it Hib-ena). It’s perfect either to relax after a long day or to drink on waking, adding to the freshness of the morning. Made with the best organic hibiscus petals from SEKEM, a holistic and sustainable biodynamic agricultural development recognised by the WHO in Egypt. NASAA & ISO22k certified

Estimated delivery date: 15th December 2021 onward
** Will separately ship out with Fresh Produce.

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