ZENXIN x DISNEY Organic Dried Fruit Canister


  • Organic Pitted Siwa Dates (Disney Canister) 180g
    Grown in the world-renowned SEKEM biodynamic organic farms in Bilbeis and El Bahariya, these durable Siwa dates are popularly eaten stuffed with peanuts or almonds to break the fast during Ramadan. Distinctively chewy and moist with a fibre-rich natural sweetness that doesn’t compromise your sugar intake, our ‘Bread of the Dessert’ is cleaned, hand-pitted and checked for quality on site before being exported. Packed with beneficial nutrients, they offer a hassle-free energy boost either eaten ‘as-is’ or used in baked goods. Siva pitted dates have a high mineral and B-vitamin content and could be the sweet ‘pick-me-up’ you need. For a match made in heaven try ‘Nature’s candies’ with a glass of organic milk. NASAA & ISO22k certified.

  • Organic Turkish Mixed Raisins (Disney Canister) 200g
    Make your day with the unsurpassable organic goodness of sun-dried Turkish raisins, another delicious version of ‘Nature’s candies’. Ripened, then dried in the Mediterranean sun, this mixture of plump, honey-sweet sultanas and tart-sweet Thompson seedless raisins are perfect when you need something a little sweet and chewy. A satisfying and nutritious snack packed with dietary fibre, ideal for baking. Also available in 6x20g mini packs as a perfect snack for kids! NASAA & ISO22k certified.

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