Organic Pear Packham 2pcs Argentina


Origin: Argentina
Status: Organic
Certification: NASAA
Highlights: Beautiful Packham pears from Argentina!

Another delicious Pyrus communis varietal, Packham pears are also rich in fibre making them relatively low on the glycemic index between 20-49. In fact the skin contains the most fibre and beneficial phytonutients. So it is well worth buying organic, washing the pears and eating them with skin rather than removing the skin as is necessary with those grown using conventional methods. (Pear skin is unfortunately rather porous and soaks up pesticides used in conventional farming.)

Originally an Australian varietal, a cross between the Uvedale St Germain pear and the Williams pear, the Packham pear was named after Charles Packham who first cultivated it in 1896. They are light green in colour with a clear skin and store well after picking. Harvest is usually towards the end of March in the Southern Hemisphere.

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