Organic Lemon Caviar 100g Spain


Origin: Spain
Status: Organic
Certification: USDA/NASAA
Highlights: It is called a finger lime for a reason: the fruit has the shape and size of a finger. Its citrus fruit identity, however, is less obvious. It is mainly the (dark) green to brown-red colour that makes it impossible to compare the fruit with other citrus fruits. The same is true for the inside. The flesh consists of numerous pearls that have given the finger lime the name citrus caviar. Colours vary from orange-red and lime green to yellow. The taste is fresh and lime-like. When the pearls burst open in your mouth, they give you a fresh blast of flavour.

There are several varieties available. Emerald is recognised by its lime-green flesh, with a dark purple to black skin. The Byron Sunrise variety has red-orange flesh and chestnut brown skin. Yellow owes its name to the bright yellow flesh, found inside the green-yellow skin. All three varieties have a similar lime flavour.

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