Organic Asparagus Bean 200g Malaysia


Origin: Malaysia
Status: Organic
Certification: NASAA
Highlights: These tender young beans are back in again and we used them in our Earth Day ‘Yacon and green bean salad’. They are delicious so do give them a try while they are in season!

Green beans are thought to have been domesticated in Mesoamerica about 8,000 years ago and were brought back to the Old World after the voyages of Columbus. Low in calories, but high in fibre and beneficial nutrients they are now part of the human diet the world over.

Lightly steamed or quickly stir-fried these legumes retain their vitamin C, flavonoids such as quercetin, and kaemferol, and carotenoids lutein, beta-carotene, violaxanthin and neoxanthin which help to protect cells against free-radical damage. Cooked in this way 1 cup of green beans supplies 25% RDA vitamin C, 15% pro-vitamin A and 33% folate or B9, essential for a healthy pregnancy, but also to reduce depression. Green beans are also known as a good source of vitamin K and to contain a reasonable amount of calcium, making them useful to build and maintain strong bones and reduce fractures.


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