Organic Granny Smith Apple 4pcs New Zealand/USA


Origin: New Zealand /USA
Status: Organic
Organic BioGro NZ / USDA / NASAA
Highlights: The Granny Smith apple propagated in Australia by Maria Ann Smith in 1868 is an apple with a crisp texture and a sweet/tart balance that allows it to make a great contribution to sweet and savoury dishes alike as well as being delicious to eat whole.  With their lower sugar/carbohydrate content, they are the better choice for juicing too, as they are less likely to cause the blood sugar to spike.

The highest concentration of antioxidants and fibre is found in the skin. Organic green apples may be simply rinsed with water and eaten whole as they have not been sprayed with pesticides. The apple’s soluble pectin is good for for cardiovascular health and helps lower LDL or ‘bad’  cholesterol while the insoluble fibre in combination with polyphenol antioxidants helps rebalance gut bacteria. Apples are especially useful in obesity and essential for gut, liver, hormonal and heart health. The wide range of vitamins, minerals and flavonoid antioxidants in these apples such as quercetin help overall health and protect cells from oxidative damage and age-related disease.



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