Simply Natural Organic Siberian Freeze-Dried Sea Buckthorn Berries 40g Russia


Origin: Siberia, Russia
Status: Natural
Certification: N/A
Specification: 40g
Highlights: Organic Siberian Freeze-Dried Sea Buckthorn Berries grown in Siberia, Russia are freeze-dried to retain their optimum nutrition. Absolutely free from additives, preservatives, colourings and added sugar, these red-orange berries are significantly high in Vitamin C and omega fatty acids 3,6,7 and 9. They also contain more than 190 bioactive compounds. Their intense tangy, citrusy flavour makes them delicious to enjoy as snack on their own, or they can be added to tea, yoghurt, oatmeal, muesli or blended into a smoothie for an extra nutrient boost.

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