Simply Natural Longevity 8 Treasure Grains 730g


Country of Origin: Malaysia
Highlight: Also called “8 treasure porridge”
– Healthier & nutritious mixture
– Made up of the following incredible nutrient-packed ingredients:
– Black, Red & Brown Rice – Great source of antioxidants that protects heart and overall body function.
– Hulled Buckwheat – Nutrient-dense gluten free grain for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and for improving digestion. Adds nutty flavour to porridge.
– Red Split Lentils – Great source of protein and fiber.
– Mung Beans – The healthiest source of plant-protein; provides good amount of essential amino acids.
– Adzuki Beans – With their high mix of protein and fiber, they are great for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.
– Pearl Barley – High source of fiber, aids digestion

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