Organic Pea Sprouts 100g Malaysia


Origin: Malaysia
Status: Organic
Certification: NASAA
Highlights: Organic Pea Sprouts 豆苗 Dòu miáo are delicious stir fried with garlic and a little red yeast soy sauce. With a fresh pea taste, these young shoots are nutrient dense with blood cleansing chlorophyl and are an excellent source of fibre. The fibre is beneficial to stabilise blood sugar in diabetes and to feed the gut microbiome.

Like all sprouts, pea sprouts are packed with beneficial phytochemicals including antioxidants which help protect against free radical damage. This includes the flavonoid quercetin which is though to reduce inflammation and allergic reaction and caffeic acid which is thought to reduce exercise-related fatigue and reduce the risk of heart disease.

One cup of pea sprouts offers 66% RDA vitamin K, ~18% RDA vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin E and the B vitamins thiamin B1, riboflavin B2, pyridoxine B6 and folate B9. They are also visually vibrant and make an excellent  garnish for many dishes including sushi and salads.


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