Organic Persimmon 270g Spain


Origin: Italy
Status: Organic
Certification: EU Organic / NASAA
Highlights: Native to China, persimmons (Diospyros kaki) 柿子 Shì zi have been part of Chinese diet and used in TCM for thousands of years. They are considered a powerful way to expel pathogenic heat. Sweet, astringent and cold in nature they support the heart, lung and large intestine meridians. Such a delicious and beneficial fruit has naturally spread to Europe and the New World.

Organic persimmons are a great way to fight atherosclerosis and reduce heart attacks & stroke as they are rich in dietary fibre, the pro-vitamin A beta-carotene, lycopene & vitamin C. Recent studies even suggest that persimmons may more beneficial than apples as they are richer in fibre, polyphenols, tannins and minerals. One medium fruit can contain ~25% of the daily recommended amount required for fibre, ~50% RDA pro-vitamin A and ~25% vitamin C, reducing inflammation and strengthening the immune system.


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