Organic Mizuna Lettuce 200g Thailand


Origin: Thailand
Status: Organic
Certification: TAS
Highlights: Mizuna lettuce (Brassica rapa var. nipposinica) 水菜 Shuǐ cài  or ミズナ in Japanese, has been used in Japan since ancient times and is known as one of the heirloom vegetables traditionally grown in the Kyoto region. However, it is still highly valued today and has even been grown on the International Space Station!

It is a beautiful salad vegetable with dark green leaves and a central white rib giving it a crunchy texture while the taste is a little spicy as one of its alternative names ‘Japanese mustard greens’ indicates. It also lends itself to salt pickling, or may be stir-fried, added to soups and hot pots such as the traditional Japanese nabemono.

Nutrient dense it offers essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, manganese potassium, selenium and zinc as well as the water-soluble vitamin B complex including folate and vitamin C and fat-soluble carotenes and vitamin K.


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