Organic Apple Premier Star 4pcs New Zealand


Origin: New Zealand
Status: Organic
Certification: BioGrow/NASA
Highlights: Found initially in 1999 as a ‘sport’ growing on on a Royal Gala tree in a garden in Nelson, on the North coast of New Zealand’s South Island, the Premier Star apple was granted Plant Variety Right in 2007. In 2008, BOSTOCK, one of New Zealand’s leading growers was given exclusive marketing rights for the variety.

Premier Star is an early harvesting apple beginning the New Zealand apple season and its sweetness and brilliant red colour made it an instant success when it was exported for the first time to Singapore and Thailand in 2011. As a result increased acres of Premier Star orchards have been planted in Nelson and Hawke’s Bay.

Enjoy fresh and crunchy eaten in the hand or add slices to cinnamon oatmeal. For a really special treat, this apple would make a beautiful, traditional toffee apple!

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