Anaya Trigona Propolis Recover Propolis Extract 20ml


Origin: Philippines
Status: Natural
Certification: N/A
Brand: Anaya
Highlights: Propolis is nature’s immune health support and also rich in antioxidant. Propolis is a natural substance collected by Trigona bees from trees and plants. The bees use propolis in the hive to protect themselves from microbes, bacteria, disease and external pests.

3X more anti-oxidant levels than other propolis, ReCover propolis extract from Trigona bees is harvested from unpolluted environments in the Philippines. Rich in bioflavonoids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and organic acids, and is naturally processed without heat or chemicals. Also contains bee pollen.

Great for immune health maintenance, recovery from illness, diabetes, cold sores, oral mucositis, swelling, topical skin application.

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