Easy (& delicious) Ways to Enjoy Vegetables

Easy & Delicious Ways to Prepare Organic Vegetables!

Zenxin Organic Pumpkin slices taste good and are easy to prepare. Simply bake the slices in an oven and they are delicious enough to serve as healthy snacks when guests come over!

ScreenHunter_10 Sep. 07 11.38

It is best to eat luffa raw or cooked lightly to preserve its high nutrient content. Zenxin Organic Petola (Luffa or Angle Gourd) is full of flavour – try one and experience it for yourself!

Luffa (UPR) (low res)

For a fuss-free snack, simply soak Zenxin Organic Brinjal slices in salt water, drizzle olive oil over them and BBQ them. They can be very addictive!

Brinjal (UPR) (low res)

We hope to share more easy-to-follow recipes with you in our upcoming entries!

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