Story of Zenxin’s Pumpkins

Story of Zenxin’s Pumpkins

As Halloween is round the corner, Zenxin would like to share some fun facts about pumpkins – the fruit most associated with Halloween.

Pumpkins are identified by their round or oval shapes and are normally green or an intense orange colour. Organic pumpkins are said to be very tasty – its sweet taste and bright yellow-orange flesh are both a visual treat and taste treat amongst children and adults.

So how do we grow this well-liked fruit in Zenxin’s farms using organic and natural methods?

Fun fact #1: We choose the healthiest, biggest and best-looking pumpkins in our farms and save their seeds.

We go the extra mile to save the seeds of the best pumpkins such that we get to enjoy these amazing pumpkins again in future. Over time, our future pumpkins will adapt better to our climate conditions which ensure that we produce the most resilient and best quality pumpkins around. Do you know that saving seeds also means that we preserve a greater variety of pumpkin species? At Zenxin, we believe in planting our pumpkins the natural (and organic) way.

Fun fact #2: Zenxin’s pumpkins are grown hanging off the ground.

Many of us are used to seeing pumpkins growing on vines on the ground. Due to our commitment to grow our crops naturally, we do not use pesticides or chemicals in our pumpkins. Thus, we hang them to keep pests at bay and protect our pumpkins from soil- and water-borne diseases. We have to keep them off the ground because our pumpkins are so sweet, pests find them irresistible.

Fun fact #3: Our pumpkins are free from pesticides, chemicals and toxins.

Our pumpkins are grown with no chemicals which make them clean and safe to eat. They are tasty and full of flavour too. Due to their chemical-free nature, our pumpkins pose lesser potential health risks to you and your loved ones. Being chemical-free also means we maintain our soil, water and air quality and keep these elements free of toxins.

Fun fact #4: We use water from natural sources for our pumpkins.

In Zenxin, we use water from safe and natural sources, including spring water, to water our pumpkins and other fruits and vegetables. Even our farm roofs act as smart water collecting systems and we recycle the water collected. We use water wisely without wastage and we do not pollute water sources.

Fun fact #5: Sometimes, our pumpkins grow to have odd and unusual shapes.

(From left: Our squash-shaped pumpkin, heart-shaped pumpkin and a common pumpkin)

 Zenxin’s pumpkins can grow to take on different shapes, colours and sizes. This shows that our pumpkins are 100% natural and not genetically modified. We let nature take its course and allow cross-pollination to take place freely between pumpkins. That is the beauty of organic farming in Zenxin’s farms – there is variety of life at our farms and we embrace biodiversity.

Is this a capsicum or a pumpkin? It’s an odd-shaped Zenxin pumpkin!

Doesn’t this pumpkin look like a butternut squash? This happens when our pumpkins cross-pollinate with our squashes.

Do you know that pumpkins can grow to be as heavy as 45kg? In anticipation of Halloween, we have a giant pumpkin freshly harvested from Zenxin’s farm displayed at our main outlet now. To check out Zenxin’s own giant pumpkin, drop by Zenxin’s shop (at Blk 14, Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre) on 27th Oct 2012 for Zenxin’s Halloween Pumpkin Party and have fun guessing the weight of this giant pumpkin. We also have a mini pumpkin painting activity for kids if you RSVP by 20th Oct. Admission is free!

Click  here  for details on our upcoming Zenxin’s Halloween Pumpkin Party.

Meanwhile, Happy Halloween from Zenxin!

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