Simply Natural Natural Kombu 100g


Origin: Taiwan
Status: Natural
Certification: None
Specification: No Chemical Additives, Alkaline Food

Highlights: Kombu is edible kelp from the Laminariaceae family that is used particularly in Japanese cuisine. It is thought that the word originates from ‘kompu’, the Ainu word for the form of edible kelp which grows off the shores of Hokkaido.

Kombu thrives in mineral-rich, shallow, cold waters from 5-8 metres deep and takes around 2 years to reach the maturity. It is harvested from July to September. It is preferable to choose seaweeds that are grown well away from centres of population and industry to avoid heavy-metal and other forms of contamination.

Edible sea vegetables or seaweeds are known for their high fibre, calcium and iodine content, as well as their ability to add a delicious umami depth of flavour to dishes due to their high glutamate content. Kombu also contains enzymes which help break down complex sugars that are normally ingestible in the human gut.

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