Korean Bibimbap Rice with beef and vegetables


Korea has a rich traditional agricultural heritage and it is thought that bibimbap originates from the need to carry out one bowl to the farmworkers in the fields rather than rice and individual banchan.

The Bibimbap is a very healthy complete meal with lots of fresh, blanched, fermented or sautéed seasonal vegetables topping rice, barley or mixed grain. For this recipe we have used a mixture of rice and millet, fresh and seasoned toppings and a mild fermented soybean paste mixed with red chilli powder to make the ‘jang’.

The Bibimbap is also representative of ‘Eumyangohaeng’ the coming together of earth qi and sky qi to create the five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

That is why you will see the respective green, red, yellow, white and ‘black’ constituent colours which makes a meal healthy and well balanced, according to Korean traditional medicine.

Dried goods: Organic millet/ toasted organic white sesame seeds/ organic shiitake mushrooms

Fresh: organic Spanish Morado garlic/ organic daikon radish/ organic carrot/ organic English Spinach/ organic Japanese Cucumber/ organic zucchini

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