Organic William Pear 2pcs Argentina


Origin: Argentina
Status: Organic
Certification: Argentcert Organico / USDA / Organico Brasil
Highlights: New season’s pears arriving from Argentina, the world’s laregest producer of organic pears!

Williams pears (Pyrus communis) 枇杷梨 Pí pá lí are a juicy variety or a fruit that offers numerous health benefits. Offering all B-complex vitamins and vitamins C and K, flavonoid and phenolic antioxidants and essential dietary fibre.

Fibre and phytonutrients contribute to improved gut microbiota, reduced risk of obesity, diabetes type-2, reduced cholesterol levels with associated improved cardiovascular health and reduced risk of strokes. Intake of their protective plant compounds like cinnamic acid and anthocyanins also helps protect against certain cancers.

Delicious eaten fresh, they also great added to yoghurt, muesli or oatmeal or baked in pies or poached in wine.


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