Organic Pomegranate 1pc Turkey


Origin: Greece/Spain/Turkey/Peru
Status: Organic
Certification: EU Organic
Highlight: Organic pomegranates are an extremely healthy addition to your diet and may reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems, cancer, arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. The juice contains >100 phytochemicals and has been used in traditional medicine in the Middle East & India as a remedy for diabetes type-2.

Organic pomegranate seeds are rich in insoluble fibre and contain beneficial polyunsaturated punicic acid which helps to reduce inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity, improve digestion and promote weight loss. The juicy arils contain punicalagins, extremely potent antioxidants, so potent that the juice shows x3 the antioxidant activity of red wine or green tea! The juice is also rich in vitamins, 1 cup providing 36% vitamin K daily requirement, 30% daily vitamin C requirement & 16% folate (B9) requirement plus 12% potassium and helps to prevent viral infections.

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