100 gm minced meat, marinate
½ tsp Simply Natural organic light soya sauce
¼ tsp Simply Natural organic white pepper
30 gm ZENXIN organic garlic
40 gm dried shrimp (soaked)
40 gm Simply Natural sunflower oil
20 gm Simply Natural organic dried mushroom (soaked & cut in cubes)
850 gm chicken stock
1 tsp Simply Natural organic white pepper
1 tsp organic sesame oil
300 gm Simply Natural organic mee sua (break into smaller pieces)
30 gm ZENXIN organic spring onion (cut)
80 gm fried shallot

Credits to famous Mavis Ong Lai Queen

Mavis Ong

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1. Place garlic and dried shrimp into mixing bowl, 5 sec/Speed 5.
2. Add oil and saute, 4min/120ºC/Sp 1.
3. Add dried mushroom and marinated minced meat, 3min/
120ºC/R/Sp 1.
4. Add chicken stock and white pepper and seasame oil,
10min/100ºC/R/Spoon. (Add ½ tsp salt if required)
5. Add mee suah, 3min/Varoma/R/Sp 1. (mee sua will absorb the
chicken stock very fast)
6. Add spring onion and fried shallot and mixed well with spatula.
7. Pour the mee suah into the cake pan line with parchment paper
and spread evenly. Use another cake pan to flatten it and place
‘something’ heavy to press on it to make it compact. Let it cool down
and keep in fridge for at least 2 hours.
8. Remove from fridge and cut into required size. Pan fried until
lightly golden brown and crispy on both sides.
9. Serve hot with chilli and dark sweet sauce.

1. Make sure you break the mee suah into smaller pieces so they
can release the starch during cooking to make an evenly dense
2. After transferring to the pan, you want to spread it out as evenly
as possible and push it down gently to pack it down so your cake
won’t fall apart when you cut it later
3. Leftover mee sua kueh can be wrapped with cling wrap and
stored it in the refrigerator for a few days. Then pan fry the kueh
with some oil before serving


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